MUZAMIRU MWANGA is a passionate young farmer from Kapchorwa district located in the Eastern region of Uganda. He deals in horticulture with a special focus on onions. He also has an irish potato land and is currently making over 80 million Uganda shillings annually from both onions and irish potatoes.


TAYEBWA JAMES is a passionate farmer from Kiboga district, he farms over 20 acres of lowland rice, 100 acres of maize, 10 acres of beans and he employs over 50 youth on his farm. He believes that a pathway forward to reduce youth unemployment in Uganda is by investing in the young people to do farming as a business because himself started with less and he is now reaping big from farming.


GERALD KATABAZI is an amazing entrepreneur, he adds vale to coffee and he is currently the brain behind volcano coffee, he also operates coffee shops in city centers. He believes that if Ugandans drink more coffee, it creates internal market for the coffee farmers hence resulting to increasing prices other than relying only on unreliable external markets.


CHARLES KISEMBO is a champion from Kagadi district, western region of Uganda, he deals in watermelons, tomatoes, piggery and cattle. He is passionate about farming since it was able to enable him acquire his education and that of his siblings after loosing parents at a young age. To him agriculture is everything. He so far earns over 65 million Uganda shillings a year and he is inspiring the community to follow his example and do the same.


KWEMBOI FELIX is a sun flower farmer from Kapchorwa district, Eastern region of Uganda, apart from sunflower growing, he has secured big business from big companies like Mukwono and he he working with a big number of youth into sunflower contract farming on behalf of Mukwano industries.


MUSOBA DAFARA is a champion from Kapchorwa district, he farms maize on a 30 acre land. He also buys produce from other farmers, store and sell when prices go up. Through taramasiga youth group and Kaserem cooperative as a youth representative, he is inspiring many youth to engage into farming as a business.


JOSEPH KISAWUZI is a passionate farmer from Luuka district, he deals in ginger, fish farming and piggery. He owns over 5 ponds, 150 pigs and he is currently earning over 50 million Uganda shillings a year. He is passionate about engaging fellow youth whom he supports with training on piggery and fish farming.


DICKENS ASEU is a champion from sort district, he deals in sorghum on over 100 acres of land, he also supports youth and women to grow sorghum in order for him to supply his bi market, he is also dealing in coffee and orange seedlings that he supplies to NAADs.


AGNES AKRUT is a mixed farms from sort district Eastern region of Uganda, she deals in tomatoes, pumpkins and turkeys. she is currently earning over 50 million Uganda shillings per year.




Isabirye Richard is a passionate young farmer from Luuka district. He deals in coffee seedlings, owns 20 acres of coffee plantation and 15 acres of pine. He earns over 25 millions per year and he is empowering his community to follow suit through training women in good agronomic practices and savings.

FATUMA NAMUTOSI is a youthful young farmer in mbale district, she adds value to pumpkins and mixes it with millet and soya flour. Her purpose is to ensure that people can access nutritious food. She is also empowering the community and supporting them to grow pumpkins as she provides better market to them.


BENARD EKONG is a passionate young farmer from sort district Eastern region of Uganda. He deals is sorghum, poultry and fish farming. He currently earns over 40,000,000 Uganda shillings per year and he is looking forward to expand his businesses by adding value to sorghum and increase his poultry farm for export.